The Best Cheap Baby Monitors

On a budget? Check out our list of cheap baby monitors under £100.

The golden rule when you become a parent is to sleep when the baby sleeps. But sometimes it is easier said than done. With every new baby comes an extra ounce of worry. It’s also wise not to get started on phantom baby cries, which occur when you think your baby is crying, only to find them safe and sound asleep. Although you may feel like you are losing your mind, doctors say this is very normal.

Sleep deprivation can do crazy things to our brains, from putting the cereal in the fridge and the milk in the pantry. We know how difficult it can be to function properly when you lack much-needed rest. You can rest easy knowing your new bundle of joy is safe and sound with our collection of cheap baby monitors.

Different types of baby monitors

Audio Monitors – Audio monitors work a bit like a walkie-talkie. When your baby cries, you will be able to hear it through a monitor. Some will operate by charge others will use batteries or work wirelessly. These tend to be cheaper.

Digital monitors – A digital baby monitor allows you to see your baby as they sleep thanks to a camera and mini screen. Most digital monitors also allow you to hear your child when they cry. You will need to place a digital monitor somewhere safe where you can see the whole cot. Each manufacturer will specify the most suitable location for the monitor.

Wearable monitors – Wearable monitors tend to be the most expensive type of baby monitor. They operate by tracking your baby’s heart and breathing rate as they are sleeping. They usually have a digital monitor as well, and many use smartphone technology. Due to their high price point, we have not included any wearable monitors in this article on cheap baby monitors.

Lets get straight into it

1. HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera

HelloBaby Wireless Video Baby Monitor with Digital Camera, 3.2 Inch Screen Night Vision Temperature Monitoring & 2 Way Talkback System UK Interface Plug (HB32)


  • High resolution 3.2 inch digital color LCD screen; enhanced 2.4GHz wireless technology – 100% private connection and prevent signal drop outs
  • The video baby monitor offer high definition and stable audio video streaming with high performance automatically infrared night vision
  • VOX mode makes baby monitor intelligent, sound in transmitter side activate the monitor automatically, and makes life better
  • Baby monitor receiver can be paired with up to 4 cameras. One monitor and one camera included
  • Impressive Features: 3.2 Inch screen;VOX mode;No signal alarming;Low battery alarming;Temperature monitoring and warning; Two-way talk; Optical pan and tilt; Sound activated Led indicator; Screen-off audio only mode; 2X digital zoom; 8 lullabies;1 to 4camera

2. Nooie Smart Baby Monitor

From Counting Sheep to a Better Sleep. All You Need is Nooie Baby Cam. 

Get notified about every movement and cry so that you can be there when you’re really needed. Capture the cute sleeping faces without waking them. Easy, Breezy and Adjustable!

Nooie Smart Baby Monitor with Crying Detection, Video Baby Cam and Audio 1080P Night Vision Motion and Sound Detection WiFi Home Security Camera for Nanny Elderly and Pet Monitoring, Works with Alexa


  • Super Night Vision & 1080P FHD:1080P HD Camera Lens with Two 940nm Infrared LEDs ensures that you always clearly see your baby, day or night. Night vision up to 32ft (10m) in pitch-black without annoying red lights. 
  • Two-Way Audio & Cry Detection allows you to hear or speak to your baby with crystal-clear two-way audio, and real-time crying and motion notifications lets you know when your baby needs you. 
  • Easy Installation, Adjustable Camera Angle, Cable Concealers, Eco-friendly Packaging are all designed by parents with their baby’s best interest in mind. 
  • Capture your baby’s milestone moments on the Smart Baby Cam with your phone from anywhere, and conveniently share camera access with your family. 
  • Cloud or Micro SD Storage allows you to store footage on our highly secured cloud or on your own MicroSD card; 256-bit encryption keeps your data safe, and two-factor authentication keeps your account secure.

3.Moonybaby Wideview 50 Baby Monitor with Camera 

Moonybaby Wideview 50 Baby Monitor with Camera and Night Vision- Wide-Angle, 5 Inch Split Screen, 2.4GHz, 2-Way Audio, Temperature Sensor, VOX & Long-Life Battery – 1 x Camera & Remote Display

Moonybaby Split 50-1 Video Baby Monitor Wide-Angle Camera (with Night Vision) & Portable Remote Display Designed to provide peace of mind at night and video monitoring during the day, the Split 50-1 Digital Video Baby Monitor offers excellent wide-angle room coverage.


  • Wide-View Display – The remote’s extra-wide 5-inch screen displays the camera’s full field of view (FOV 73°) with zoom-in control (2x magnification) – Voice-activated (VOX) power-saving mode and long-life batteries enable up to 10-11 hours of use 
  • 2.4 GHz Private Wireless – The system employs a high-frequency signal which is fully secure against 3rd party access (no apps, no internet, no fuss) and delivers a smooth video feed up to 300 metres distance outdoors under ideal conditions 
  • Sound Asleep – The camera automatically switches to glow-free infrared night vision (greyscale display) under low-light conditions to ensure clear video, and comes with 5 built-in lullabies as well as a room temperature sensor 
  • Two-Way Talk Back – Built-in microphones/speakers support full audio between camera and controller (press and hold button) on the remote display, which includes adjustable noise-sensitivity LED indicators to pick up lower volume ranges if needed 
  • Effortless Set Up – The video monitor can be either free-standing or wall-mounted (2 AC adapters and mounting kit included), while the remote display can connect 2 video cameras simultaneously with its split screen display

4.Sense-U Baby Breathing Monitor

The Sense-U Baby Monitor tracks your baby’s breathing movement, feeling temperature, sleep position and alerts you when something happens to your baby, from your smartphone directly.

Unlike other movement sensors/wraps, the Sense-U 3-in-1 Breathing Monitor tracks your child’s breathing movement, sleep position, feeling temperature accurately and allows you to intervene when something happens to your child, e.g slow breathing movement, stomach sleeping, overheat, etc.


  • KNOW YOUR BABY IS OKAY: Unlike traditional baby video cameras or audio monitors, the Sense-U Baby Monitor tracks your baby’s abdominal movement and notifies you with audible alarms for weak movement from your smartphone directly.
  • GET NOTIFIED WHEN BABY ROLLS OVER TO SLEEP ON STOMACH: It monitors your baby’s sleeping position and notifies you when your baby rolls over to sleep on stomach.
  • PROTECT YOUR BABY FROM OVERHEATING & GETTING COLD: The Sense-U Baby Monitor tracks the feeling temperature around your baby’s body and notifies you when levels go outside of preset zones.
  • BLUETOOTH LOW ENERGY TECHNOLOGY FOR BABY’S SAFETY: The Sense-U Baby Monitor uses Bluetooth Low Energy(BT4.0) which has negligible radiation level(1/1000th of a smartphone’s) and a communication distance up to 50 feet(15m). It automatically reconnects to your smartphone when it is within range

5. Motorola Nursery VM482ANXL

Motorola Nursery VM482ANXL – Video Baby Monitor – Camera – Infrared Night Vision – High Sensitive Microphone, White/Silver


  • NIGHT VISION – Thanks to the built-in infrared night vision on the Motorola Nursery VM482ANXL baby monitor you can easily keep an eye on your child even with little to no light 
  • MULTI-COLOUR MOOD LIGHT – The Motorola Nursery VM482ANXL camera features a multi-colour mood light. This multi-colour mood light helps soothe your little one to sleep and comfort them at night. 
  • HIGH SENSITIVE MICROPHONE – With the high sensitive microphone featured on the Motorola Nursery baby monitor you will be notified everytime your child makes a sound and needs you. 
  • RANGE UP TO 1000 FEET – The Motorola baby video monitor with camera has a range op to 1000 feet. This means you can easily take the monitor with you around the house and still be able to keep an eye on your child. 
  • LOW BATTERY ALERTS – Once the camera or monitor on the Motorola Nursery VM482ANXL starts to run low on battery, you will receive an alert telling you it is time to charge the device. 
  • OTHER FUNCTIONS – Many other functions like room temperature monitoring, volume control, sound level indication and more.

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